Why leadership change must first come from within.

Let me explain why change from within, is the only place to begin.

The very latest in leadership research verifies this …

Let me use the extensive and renowned work of Dr Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatsis as a lead example.

I love these guys!!!

They alone have changed the way the world views leadership through their best-selling books

... Emotional Intelligence, Primal Leadership, Focus, Altered Traits and many more.

They’ve proven that the most important and foundational capability of great leaders is self awareness

… the elevation of consciousness of self …

… the ability to, first and foremost, know who they are and why they are here …

Yes, you, it really is all about you!!!

About discovering your unique vision, purpose and values …

… to be truly visionary.

This has been further verified by the comprehensive research undertaken by Collins and Porras

... and outlined in detail in their best-selling and ground-breaking book Good to Great.

Here they unequivocally discovered that visionary companies outperformed all others by a factor of 15 and have done since 1926.

Did you get that?

15 times more effective by being visionary.

And of course, visionary companies can only be led by visionary leaders.

So here we are, hallelujah,

We're back to first getting clarity and focus of self …

... back to becoming personally visionary.

Something that spiritual leaders and leaders in philosophy have been banging on about for thousands of years.

So, of course, my approach begins with you …

assisting you to discover your authentic self, your Source self …

… that infinite self that is capable of doing the remarkable through clarity of vision and purpose …

… through focused and meaningful action.

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